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Built in 1928, the 11-story hotel and apartment building at Fourth and Wabasha street was once one of the most popular hangouts in downtown St. Paul, attracting politicians, writers and a few notorious historical figures. 

Brought back to life,  Lowry is opening its doors again. Visit our lovingly restored lobby and renovated apartments.  

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Lowry Hotel Building gets a makeover

Excerpt From Pioneer Press

Not far from the St. Paul river bluffs, across the street from St. Paul City Hall and the Ramsey County Courthouse, we are uncovering buried treasure.  The Lowry at Fourth and Wabasha stopped being a real hotel in 1970, on New Year’s Eve. Up until then, it had been operated as a 350-room top-of-the line inn visited at various times by the likes of Charles Lindbergh, Bing Crosby, Ed Sullivan, Harry S. Truman and once, according to old newsboy Lloyd Peterson of St. Paul, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
This was a stop for big-name bands, and Glenn Miller played there, and Benny Goodman, Clyde McCoy, Paul Whiteman, the Dorseys and Red Nichols. It had a Terrace Cafe, and a Driftwood Room (dubbed the “Deadwood Room” in honor of its noon-hour, round-table crowd from City Hall).


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